Nutrition Consultation
Eman Nakshabendi, MS, RD, LD/N
On request you can make an appointment with a nutrition consultant.

BS, in science from Loma Linda University, California. MS in Clinical Human Nutrition from Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland Certified in Weight management from the American Dietetic Association.

Eman Nakshabendi Offers Her expertise as a clinical Nutritionist and weight management consultant for many years in Tampa & Brand. She has Extensive experience in hospital, academic/research and public settings.
1. Individualized care plans provide for disease related nutritional therapy and counseling.
2. Nutrition outcome measurements are used to assess the efficacy of each plan.
3. Improving health and well being and decreasing the need for pharmaceutical products for the individual.
Nutrition Related diseases as a prevention and treatment.
Weight Management Program/ Diabetes / Cardiovascular Disease / Hypertension Renal (Kidney) Disease / Congestive heart failure / Cholesterol Management Gastrointestinal dysfunction (Irritable bowel syndrome/ Celiac disease Constipation/ Ulcerative Colitis/ Crohn's Disease/ Cancer / HIV and AIDS/ Vegetarian Nutrition/ Preparation for Bariatric Surgery and post-op follow-up